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So how do you know which product is right for you? Choosing the right type of hearing aid is a personal process that requires a thorough consultation with a certified hearing professional. At Diva Hearing, we will sit down with you and discuss your needs to ensure you choose the right product for your lifestyle, your hearing loss and your financial considerations.


Diva Hearing - Product Portfolio

Considered by many to be a pioneer in the field of audiology, Siemens/Sivantos strives to put the needs and preferences of the consumer first. Through extensive consumer research and development, they continue to strive to improve their hearing solution offerings to be more durable, comfortable, effective, and stylish. Their hearing devices are designed to suit any lifestyle.

Styletto Connect

The ultimate combination of sound, Bluetooth and style. Equipped with rechargeable Li-ion hearing aid batteries.

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Pure Charge&Go Nx

The original Li-ion rechargeable hearing aids for the most natural-sounding own voice and full connectivity.

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Motion Charge&Go Nx

The ultimate BTE thanks to Li-ion rechargeability, the most natural own voice and full connectivity.

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CROS Pure Charge&Go Nx

The most natural own voice for CROS wearers with convenient wireless rechargeability.

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Signia Nx

Signia Nx, the world’s most advanced hearing aid platform, delivers unsurpassed first fit acceptance by combining uncompromised audibility with the perfection of natural-sounding own voice.

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Signia Primax

We offer the most sophisticated audiology with our Primax™ star platform. Our High Definition binaural technology enables us to create industry-leading audiological features unseen in other hearing aids.

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Signia Intuis 3

All RIC, BTE, Click ITE and ITE models available in the Signia’s Intuis 3 family offers proven technology along with the convenience of easy, discreet handling options and TeleCare support from Signia.

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Signia Lotus

The new Lotus segment of hearing aids is easy to learn and easy to fit, even in mobile situations. This new range of BTE and Click ITE devices is suitable for all levels of hearing loss, sizes of ear canal and individual preference.

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Buying a hearing aid can be a challenging process, as there are so many options to choose from and a multitude of factors to consider. Diva Hearing Specialists can help you zero in on just the right hearing aid which perfectly meets your needs.